The Business Advisory Board assists the undergraduate and graduate business administration programs in providing the best possible educational and career opportunities for our students globally. Advisory board members provide emphasis on the following:  

  • Insight into the competitive environment affecting the education of our students, including helping to raise awareness of issues that impact future business trends.
  • Provide insight on the curriculum that lend to outcomes and other strategic initiatives in for the business programs.
  • Serves as a liaison between the program and business community including insight on recruitment, applicable internships/apprenticeship after graduation and or career placement opportunities.

Business Advisory Board Members

  • Dr. Andress Walker: DBA, MBA (Advisory Board Chair; MBA Interim Director); 25+ years in the accounting and business industry.
  • Dr. Derek Pierce: Masters in Finance; 32+ years in Financial Industry; Wealth Management Advisor for Barnum Financial Group/Ciazzo Pierce Advisory Team.
  • Dr. Radu Munteanu: PhD., Economics (Director of School of Business and Management).
  • Dr. Thomas Esch: President OnPower, Inc., Project Management Professional and Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD).
  • Michelle Starkman – MBA, MA in Political Science; VP of Communications at American Jewish University.
  • Mr. Gerald Williams (Command Sergeant Major–Retired Army): 30 year military member; 10+ years as CISCO Systems Defense Strategist.
  • Mr. Joseph Moussa: MBA, CPA (TUW MBA Alumni/TUW Faculty); 16+ years public accounting; Partner owner of accounting firm for audits of state and local governments.