What is an Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree Good For?

Industrial-organization psychology jobs are an exciting opportunity to improve working wellbeing and business success. Earn a masters degree online at TUW.

What are Industrial and Organizational Psychologists?

Industrial and organizational psychologists focus their work on the behavior of individuals and groups within a larger organization. They use the knowledge gained from their research to develop solutions for challenges in the workplace. To create more successful and effective organizations, a better understanding of how people relate to one another is paramount, including how

Top-down vs. Bottom-up Management Styles

Saturday, 03 January 2015 by
Top-down vs. Bottom-up Management Styles

When setting up a management system, most organizations must choose between a top-down vs. bottom-up approach. For most of the history of American business, a straightforward, top-down management has dominated: supervisors give employees tasks, and then employees complete them within a set time frame. Top-down management remains the basis for most organizations across all industries.