The Increased Value of Health Educators in the United States

TUW offers an online MS in Health Science with a Health Education Concentration that prepares graduates for leadership in this growing field.

The Importance of Health Education

Monday, 18 October 2021 by
The Importance of Health Education

Health education is vital for a healthy public, especially during a health crisis like COVID-19. Effective communication is key.

Why is Health Education Important?

Thursday, 26 March 2020 by
Why is Health Education Important?

Health education plays an important role in quality healthcare and those with a Bachelor’s in Health Science, health education concentration, can help.

The Value of Preventive Care in the Modern Healthcare System

Check out how preventive care educates patients to prevent diseases & ailments before they occur, like smoking which leads the U.S. in preventable deaths.

5 Health Science Careers that Require a BSHS Degree

Explore 5 in demand Health Science careers that require a BS in Health Sciences & how TUW prepares graduates for Health Education Credentialing (CHES).