Hanukkah and Christmas Gift Ideas for College Students

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Menorah and Santa Clause

“Just surprise me” is the common refrain from college students uninterested in coming up with a wish list. If you know someone who’s busy juggling work and school, you may have a hard time finding them the perfect gift. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there this year for all types of college students. Whether they are constantly outdoors or indoors watching TV, we’ve got a gift they’re sure to love.

 Gifts for Entertainment Buffs

3D glasses and popcorn

This person would rather stay in and binge watch their favorite television shows or movies. They are always up to date on the best new shows and even shows from other countries. Ask them to name all the Kardashians? They can do it in five seconds flat.

Here are some tips for the Hollywood lover in your life:

Netflix or Hulu Plus Subscription

No fan of the silver screen is complete without access to the top streaming services. Your college student will be able to watch the latest and greatest films and TV shows between studying and exams. (Netflix and Hulu Plus, starting at $7.99/month)

Google Chromecast


With this increasingly popular streaming device, your college student will have access to all of their favorite services and be able to mirror what’s happening on their laptop to their television, and easily connect the TV and Wi-Fi network. (Google Chromecast, $35)

Apple TV

This streaming option is perfect for Apple lovers. This device uses the incredibly simple iTunes Store to let you access movies, TV shows and even your music. It also allows you to connect to your other Apple devices. Slightly pricier, but college students love how it works in concert with Apple ecosystems. (Apple TV, starting at $99)

Movie Theater Gift Cards

Although streaming is fun, sometimes college students cannot wait until a movie is on Netflix and have to hit the theaters to catch a blockbuster. Movie ticket sites like Movietickets.com and Fandango offer gift cards that can even be given digitally.

Us Weekly or People Subscription

It’s no New Yorker, but every celebrity gawker needs their fix. A subscription to one of America’s top tabloids will help keep your loved one up to date on what the latest buzz is. (Magazine subscriptions available at MagazineReaderMall.com)

Kindle Fire HD

Every college student needs their movies, TV and music on the go; with Amazon’s low-cost tablet, it’s easy. It takes the massive library available to Amazon users and serves it to you on an easy-to-use platter. It also works as a great e-reader for books! (Kindle Fire HD 6 Tablet, $99)

 Gifts for Techies

iPhone 5S with IOS 8 in hand over MacBook Pro

Are you trying to please a gadget addict? This person is deep into the latest phones, tablets and e-readers. They know (and have strong opinions about) the differences between Android and iOS operating systems. They’re laughing at you for still having a desktop computer while they hold a tablet, smartphone and laptop.

Here are some suggestions for the technophile in your life:

External Battery Charger

This is imperative for super-users of their phone and tablets, who often run low halfway through the day. The batteries on devices can run down fast, and an external charger is a small and simple way to recharge on the go. We recommend the Bracketron SmartLantern ($79.95).

emPowered Clutch Charger

Evernote MoleskineFor the gadget lover who needs more style than a blocky charger, this leather clutch collection comes with a charging cable attached. This is perfect for phone users on the go. (emPowered Clutch Chargers, starting at $119)

Arduino Kit or Raspberry Pi

Is your gadget lover in need of a hands-on project? Try either of these solutions that are being used across the globe in small projects. Each of these starter kits will allow you to create hundreds of devices that bring along tons of fun. (Arduino Starter Kit for $99, Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit for $69.95 on Amazon)

Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

Countless students live by the fantastic Evernote note-taking app, and this notebook works hand in hand with it. Simply by capturing a page with your mobile device, the page becomes searchable in Evernote. This makes taking notes in class that much easier. (Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook, $24.95)

Multi-Device Charger

This is a great way to cut down on the clutter all of your various wires can cause. They are adapters that will sync and charge your devices on the go. Your gadget lover will appreciate the saved space. We recommend the Anker 40W 5-Port High Speed Desktop USB Charger ($25.99 on Amazon)

Touch-Screen Gloves

One of the worst parts about the winter is your inability to use touch screens with gloves. With touch-screen gloves, that is no longer a problem. There are several options but we recommend Glider Gloves (starting at $20).


 Gifts for Sports and Fitness Enthusiasts

12kg weight on football field

When you’re just waking up, they have already run a half marathon. They are constantly counting calories, steps, water intake and a variety of other measurements. They bike to work, school and just about anywhere.


The must-have for any fitness-minded individual or anyone interested in making fitness fun. The Fitbit accurately counts your steps and physical activity. You can add your friends to its simple social functions and compete against them. Your loved one will have a blast with this simple tracker. (Fitbit, starting at $59.95)

Relays Headphones

FitbitIf you’re buying for someone who loves to run, there’s a great chance that they listen to music while pounding the pavement. These ear buds stay put without chafing and are sweat-resistant. Sol Republic offers them at the reasonable price and promises a lifetime of free replacement tips. (Relays Headphones, starting at $70)

Belkin EaseFit Sport Armband

If your runner already has headphones, they will need a way to keep their mobile device with them at all times. This easy-to-use armband allows you to take your phone on the go. It’s affordable at $25 and, most importantly, comfortable. (Belkin EaseFit, $25)

Gym Subscription

Help keep your gym rat in their domain with a gym subscription. It will be a welcome token of appreciation if you can help save them money on their beloved workout space. Maybe the healthier wallet will be extra inspiration with the weights.

High-Quality Water Bottle

You may not have known it, but there are countless water bottles that do more than open and close. Infusing fruit into your water is a growing trend, as are water bottles that are specially designed for physical activity. Check out this infuser and this bottle with storage and “autoseal.”

 Gifts for Outdoorsy Types

Hiker in mountains

Does your college student go camping at least once a month? Maybe they are a big fan of Outside magazine and aspire to climb Mount Everest. Do they own at least three sleeping bags?

Check out these gifts for the camper in your life:

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This potentially lifesaving device is perfect for any camper who will be spending significant time alone in the outdoors. Without using any chemicals, this device can remove nearly all waterborne bacteria. (LifeStraw, $19.95 on Amazon)Nalgene water bottle


Speaking of water, the Nalgene brand of camping water bottles are a camping staple. The wide mouth BPA-free containers allow for a variety of uses, and all have printed measurements. Most importantly, Nalgene bottles are known for being nearly indestructible; this gift could last for years and years. (Nalgene Bottles, starting at $4.99)

Grand Trunk Camping Hammock

Sure sleeping in a sleeping bag is fun, but a good camping hammock is even better. You’ll feel closer to nature while hanging under the stars among the trees. The Grand Trunk hammock is safe, mildew resistant and about as expensive as a good-quality sleeping bag. (Grand Trunk Hammocks, starting at $19.99)

LifeProof Phone Case

This case is an absolute must-own for campers wanting to use their devices anywhere. LifeProof is protected from water, snow, dirt and shock. They are a little pricey compared to other cases, but they are worth the price. (LifeProof Phone Cases, starting at $39.99)

Citizen Portable Bike

One major complaint about biking is the inability to move bikes easily, but Citizen fixes this with their excellent folding bikes. The Gotham line of bikes is perfect for heading out on a camping trip. They are sturdy enough to take on trails. (Citizen Folding Bikes, starting at $169)

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