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4 Health Benefits of Meditation (9/15/2016) - Originally a spiritual practice, meditation is now touted by some as an effective treatment method for physical health problems. Types of meditation vary almost as much as their practitioners. Some are purely mental in emphasis, such as mindfulness, guided meditation or the chanting of mantras. Others incorporate physical movement, like qigong or tai chi. However,
4 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress (8/1/2016) - Stress is a prevailing health issue in the United States. Although 61 percent of adults feel that stress management is important, only 35 percent believe they cope with stress at an optimal level, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). Luckily, there are a number of effective natural ways to reduce stress. Exercise Exercise has
5 Health Science Careers that Require a BSHS Degree (8/3/2014) - Explore 5 in demand Health Science careers that require a BS in Health Sciences & how TUW prepares graduates for Health Education Credentialing (CHES).
5 High-Paying Public Administration Jobs  (11/29/2019) - Do you know what a career in public administration looks like? The story of public administration leads in many directions, intersecting finance, government, research, public policy analysis, implementation, and management. It encompasses one or more of the “three Es” of public admission – economy, efficiency, equity – the common denominator for all public administration jobs serving the public
6 Signs You’ll Enjoy Earning a Master’s Degree in Public Health (2/16/2018) -   Public health is a growing field for many reasons; all of them indicate that it’s a great career choice for those interested in both healthcare and improving the lives of others. One reason is simply population growth. There are more people than ever who need healthcare. Another is an aging population in the United
6 Unique Marriage and Family Therapy Job Opportunities (9/30/2014) - For those interested in the field of marriage and family therapy, you may be drawing blanks when it comes to brainstorming available careers. Some believe this degree strictly leads to a job as a marriage or family therapist; however, that isn’t always the case. The field of marriage and family therapy can open roads to
Aging Population Drives Need for Long-Term Care Administration (7/6/2018) - A BS in Health Sciences with concentration in Long-Term Care Administration prepares graduates for leadership positions in the important field of health care.
Bachelor of Health Sciences (BSHS) Degree Track Options at TUW  (4/2/2020) - Students have three BSHS degree track options at TUW, including healthcare administration, health education, and long term care administration.
Better or Bitter: The Science Behind Artificial Sweeteners (2/9/2016) - In America’s ongoing battle against obesity, doctors and dietitians have identified sugar as a major enemy. To replace the scourge of sugar, many have turned to artificial sweeteners, which offer zero calorie counts but with much of the taste still intact. Sugar substitutes can be found in “diet” drinks and other low-calorie items. While artificial
BSHA Degree Jobs – From Hospital Manager to Insurance Negotiator (4/17/2020) - From hospital manager to insurance negotiator, the range of BSHA degree jobs is growing. Study online at TUW for your degree in health care administration.
Careers for Those Who Earn a BS in Health Sciences (7/16/2018) - A Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences can lead to some of the top jobs in the healthcare industry - particularly for those with a specific concentration.
Dealing with Divorce and Children during the Holidays (12/1/2012) - Marriage Family Therapy Professor, Ida Zarrabizadeh, of Touro University Worldwide Offers Her Advice Posted DEC 1 2012 Divorce is never an easy event for families, but it can be especially hard during the holidays. Ida Zarrabizadeh is a professor at the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at Touro University WorldWide, a non-profit institution of higher
Decision Support Systems and their Effect on the Healthcare Industry (5/1/2017) - As the technology associated with data analysis continues to advance, modern-day physicians are able to rely on decision support systems to make an even more accurate diagnosis and suggest more effective treatment options for their patients. In this article, we’ll look at what decision support systems are and the effect they are having on the
DHSc vs. Ph.D.: What Path Should You Take? (8/11/2021) - DHSc vs. Ph.D. Which degree program you choose depends on your specific career goals. Both lead to top-tier careers in healthcare. Study online at TUW.
Digital Threats: The Effects of Cyberbullying (7/15/2015) - For countless children, being bullied has been a tough reality of growing up. Although teasing and poking fun at others has always happened on the playground, bullying has long-lasting effects on the daily lives of some victims. Unfortunately, Internet access and social media have magnified the problem of bullying. The anonymity of the Internet has
Divorce vs. Conscious Uncoupling: Today’s Separation Trends (8/4/2014) - Actress Gwyneth Paltrow surprised the world this spring when she announced a “conscious uncoupling” between her and longtime husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, on her lifestyle website Goop.   Is uncoupling a true alternative to divorce and the negative connotation surrounding it? For those interested in the field of marriage and family therapy, alternatives to
Everything You Need to Know About the Marriage and Family Therapy degree at TUW (3/20/2017) - If you are considering a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), then we encourage you to consider the fully online degree program offered by Touro University Worldwide (TUW). This program is a great option for students who wish to pursue licensure as a marriage and family therapist (MFT) and/or the Licensed Professional
Explore the Online Doctor of Physician Assistant Program at TUW (5/4/2020) - Earn your online Doctor of Physician Assistant degree art Touro University Worldwide to advance your career and help lead the future of healthcare.
Health Science Career Advancement Opportunities (9/3/2014) - A master’s degree can help students who are seeking to advance their careers in health sciences. This credential can give you a leg up while pursuing a promotion, raise or even a new career altogether. Here are a few career opportunities available for those who earn an M.S. in Health Sciences. Health Care Administrator In
Healthcare Administration Career Options (8/16/2018) - A degree in healthcare administration prepares graduates to become leaders in the healthcare industry. Here are a few career areas to consider.
How Increasing Life Expectancy will Affect those in the Health Sciences Field (3/27/2017) - According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations, global life expectancy has increased for both sexes from 65.3 years in 1990 to 71.5 years in 2013. By 2030, life expectancy for men is expected to be as high as 78.1 years and life expectancy for women is expected to reach 85.3 years. While this
How is Public Health Social Work Relevant Today? (6/12/2020) - Public health social work in today's complex society is a vital link between health organizations and the wellbeing of communities. Start your career at TUW
How Physician Assistant Doctoral Programs Prepare PAs for Success (9/30/2020) - Physician assistant doctoral programs prepare students to take leadership roles in healthcare. Study online at Touro University Worldwide.
How Therapists Can Help Children Deal With Effects of Cyberbullying (6/26/2020) - The effects of cyberbullying are serious and longlasting. Trained therapists can help. Learn online at Touro University Worldwide.
How to Become a School Counselor (6/28/2021) - As a school counselor, you will interact with students, teachers, parents, and the community, making a positive impact on each. Study online at TUW.
How To Choose The Best Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Program (11/30/2017) - Families continue to evolve as the 21st century comes toward the end of its second decade. Dynamics have changed not only within the family itself, but also in the family’s relationship to society. These ongoing changes have made family therapy even more complex. It also presents many unique challenges to those who enter the psychology
Launch a Career in Healthcare with a Health Sciences Degree (2/17/2022) - Earning a health science degree provides many options for a rewarding career in healthcare. Study online at Touro University Worldwide.
Leadership Skills That Lead To Success In Social Work (6/28/2018) - As more emphasis is placed on providing support to disadvantaged communities, the need for those with skills in the social work has never been greater.
Lessons of the Pandemic: Public Health in the 21st Century (3/28/2022) - The lessons of the pandemic reveal vulnerabilities in public health, how to improve healthcare, and define the profession in a new century.
Long-Term Care Administrators in High Demand  (11/22/2019) - Long-term Care Administrators are needed as the country's average age increases. Nursing home administrator salaries reflect that trend.
Make a Difference as a Community Social Worker (8/17/2020) - A community social worker is on the front lines making their communities safer and more equitable. Learn social work online at Touro University Worldwide.
Marriage and Family Therapists’ Role in Child Rearing (8/12/2020) - Marriage and family therapists play a vital role in addressing widespread mental health issues in children and adolescents. Earn your degree online at TUW.
Marriage and Family Therapy Organizations in California (9/15/2014) - For any career, professional organizations offer an opportunity to develop relationships with your peers and improve your professional knowledge. In the case of marriage and family therapy, professional organizations allow therapists or counselors to discuss new research and innovation as well as best practices. Conferences allow people from across the field to share ideas and
Parenting Around the World: Child-Rearing Practices in Different Cultures (7/19/2016) - Parents often face a seemingly endless array of choices when it comes to child-rearing. From deciding whether or not to work, to selecting breast milk vs. formula, to implementing permissive or authoritative discipline, it can be difficult for parents to decide on the right course of action. Although it may feel like there is only
Physician Assistant Education Trends: What to Watch For in 2020 and Beyond (5/19/2020) - Trends in Physician Assistant education indicate more PAs earning a Doctor of Physician Assistant degree. Study online at Touro University Worldwide.
Public Administration Careers are Booming – Earn Your MPA  (2/17/2020) - Public administration careers are booming. With many in the public sector set to retire, earing your MPA can prepare you to be in high-demand.
Redirecting Brain Waves: Examining the Effects of Meditation on the Brain (8/25/2016) - The practice of meditation has been considered beneficial for millennia. Anecdotally, reported benefits include increasing attention span, promoting calmness and helping people develop their ability for insightful thinking. However, only in the modern era has science begun to actually study the specific physiological effects of meditation on the brain. Hard evidence, it turns out, supports
Salary Opportunities with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (9/11/2014) - TUW graduates who earn an MFT Degree earn top salaries & career opportunities. Check out what an MA in Marriage & Family Therapy can do for you!
The Divorce Rate and the Need for Marriage and Family Therapy Services (7/31/2014) - According to the American Psychological Association, 40 to 50couple in counseling percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Divorce in American culture has become an epidemic, with nearly half of marriages ending in one. Is there a solution to lower divorce rates, or has divorce become a permanent societal norm? Marriage and family therapy may offer a solution.
The Importance of Community Outreach (8/27/2021) - Community outreach is an important component in assuring improved health and economic outcomes for people in need. Earn a BA in social work at TUW.
The Importance of Health Education (10/18/2021) - Health education is vital for a healthy public, especially during a health crisis like COVID-19. Effective communication is key.
The Mind and Mental Health: How Stress Affects the Brain (7/26/2016) -   Stress continues to be a major American health issue, according to the American Psychological Association. More than one-third of adults report that their stress increased over the past year. Twenty-four percent of adults report experiencing extreme stress, up from 18 percent the year before. It’s well-known that stress can be a detriment to overall
The Role of Public Administration in Crisis Management Planning (5/11/2020) - Crisis management planning is a critical role for public administrators. Become a leader in public administration. Study online at Touro University.
The Value of Preventive Care in the Modern Healthcare System (6/5/2019) - Check out how preventive care educates patients to prevent diseases & ailments before they occur, like smoking which leads the U.S. in preventable deaths.
Understanding the Differences Between LPCC vs MFT Fields (3/10/2015) - Interested in providing counseling or therapy to those in need? Learn the similarities and differences of careers in LPCC vs MFT.
What are the Fastest Growing Jobs in Healthcare? (3/3/2020) - What are the fastest-growing jobs in healthcare? Many are in health care administration. Earn an online bachelor's degree from Touro University Worldwide.
What Can I Do with an MFT degree? (6/7/2019) - Marriage & Family Therapists are in high demand & help people improve their lives. Find out what an MA in Marriage & Family Therapy from TUW can do for you!
What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (2/27/2018) - For those with a desire to get into social work, it’s as much a calling as it is a career. Social workers are driven by the desire to improve communities and the well-being of their individual clients. The need for such dedicated social workers continues to grow. The federal government projects a 16 percent increase
What Can You Do With an Online Master of Science in Human Services? (6/9/2019) - If you want to pursue an advanced career in human services that includes human services leadership consider a master of science in human services.
What Do You Learn in a Healthcare Administration Degree Program? (2/25/2021) - An online healthcare administration degree from Touro University Worldwide prepares students for an influential career in healthcare.
What Does a Social Worker Do? (12/9/2021) - What does a social worker do? Social workers serve in various settings. The goal always helping people solve problems. Study online at TUW.
What is a Health Sciences Degree? (4/21/2020) - A Health Sciences degree prepares leaders in health care management, administration, and education. Earn your degree online at Touro University Worldwide
What is Child Rearing? (8/6/2019) - Child rearing practices differ from culture to culture. Studying these different parenting styles is part of earning a health and human services degree.
What Is Health Psychology? (8/25/2021) - Health psychology is a subset of mental health connecting individual behavior and sociology with human health. Study this important field online at TUW.
What is the Role of Public Health in a Pandemic? (11/20/2020) - The role of public health is uppermost in our minds during a pandemic, but is always important. Study public health online at TUW.
What is the Social Work Code of Ethics? (5/20/2020) - The social work code of ethics is a set of guidelines that reinforces the six core values of all social work that form the cornerstone of this profession.
What Kind of Healthcare Administration Jobs Can You Pursue? (3/30/2021) - Healthcare administration is essential to providing high-quality healthcare services. Study for a rewarding career online at TUW.
Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Take the Quiz! (10/31/2014) - Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? With this quiz, we’ll give you the chance to test your skills. A zombie outbreak has taken over Los Angeles, and you’re stuck working as a production assistant in your movie studio job. Use common sense to escape and survive. At the end of the quiz, you will find