Biography – Dr. Ceabert J. Griffith

Dr. Ceabert Griffith PhotoDr. Ceabert “Bert” Griffith is a public health practitioner, family medicine physician assistant, and award-winning writer. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Study from Touro College in 1984, a Master of Physician Assistant Study (Family Medicine Specialization) from the University of Nebraska in 2000, and a PhD in Public Health from Walden University in 2015. He has authored 5 health education books and over 40 peer- reviewed articles and 15 magazine articles on topics that include wellness habits, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, headaches, metabolic syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, longevity, and healthy aging.

Bert’s research interests include the daily habits that drive behaviors that can result in non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, and some cancers. He is also interested in health promotion, disease prevention, and the role of social determinants of health, health outcomes, and life expectancy. Dr Griffith’s list of conference presentations include: “Promoting Health & Wellness via Recreation Programming,” Childhood Obesity,” “Migraine Headache,” “Hypertension,” “Fibromyalgia,” “Diabetes,” “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” ”Healthy Aging” and “Healthy Weight Loss.” His professional work is encapsulated in his book most recent book “14 Habits of Wellness” published in March 2023.

14 Habits of Wellness front cover14 Habits of Wellness back cover

Dr. Griffith’s non-clinical experiences include management of two medium-size health- related organizations. He also served as the Executive for a large health/fitness community service organization, advocating for customer-centric policies, operational and capital budgets, and innovative business models. He holds membership in the American Public Health Association.