Touro’s Alumni Spotlight: Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson

From the great pitcher Sandy Koufax to Olympian Dara Torres, the tradition of great Jewish-American athletes is a long and rich one. Jewish boxer Boyd Melson is another incredible name to add to this list. “The Rainmaker,” as they call him, has made a name for himself across the country for not only his actions

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How the Tradition of Tzedakah Can Influence Your Education

The Jewish tradition of tzedakah, or s’daqah, involves performing spontaneous acts of goodwill and demonstrating generosity. This concept is a core part of modern Judaism, with tzedakah seen as a religious obligation that should be performed by all Jews. Because Touro was founded on the Jewish faith, we are committed to upholding the tradition of

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The History of Touro University Worldwide

The history and heritage of Touro University Worldwide is crucial to our mission. Our past has molded us into the institution we are today. Here is a history of the events leading up to the founding of Touro and how it makes our school unique.

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BALTIMORE, MD – StraighterLine ( announced today that Touro University Worldwide ( has joined their rapidly expanding network of partner colleges, which includes many of the leading faith based and adult-focused institutions of higher learning. Touro University Worldwide will now accept credits earned from StraighterLine’s entry-level online courses. Touro University Worldwide is an accredited online university

Competency-based learning in higher education recently increased in popularity and support due to the need for more efficiency and transparency in the higher education sector. The third-party groups invested in competency-based learning include individual institutions, accreditation agencies, associations, and policy makers. At the core of each competency-based degree program is a list of competencies (abilities,

They say that “quitters never win,” but in many industries, workers have to move out to move up. Knowing how to quit your job with professional etiquette and grace can go a long way to helping you advance your career. Dr. Arnie Dahlke, a professor in the Industrial Organizational Psychology graduate program at Touro University

Coping after Tragedy

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Therapy provides children with help after trauma By: Tracy Keller Tragedy has struck numerous communities across the country within recent months, creating a nation in mourning and leading to questions regarding the effectiveness of current gun control laws. Political pundits have exploited the tragedies to garner sound bites while Second Amendment supporters have used it

Los Angeles, CA – Touro University Worldwide (TUW) is pleased to announce that Dr. Yoram Neumann and Dr. Edith Neumann won a Gold Hermes Creative Award for their article titled “The Robust Learning Model (RLM): A Comprehensive Approach To A New Online University.” The recognition was in the Writing/Publication category. The article was published in

There is an I in Team

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Teamwork and trust are crucial in today’s business world. In this article, Dr. Arnie Dahlke, program director of industrial and organizational psychology at Touro University Worldwide, discusses how individual team members and managers can foster a strong, team-oriented workplace. By: Jessica Blanchard Teams are made up of individuals with different belief systems, outlooks, prejudices, expectations

The round-the-clock media coverage of the events in Boston is understandable.  Our anxious minds find something soothing about information — even if the news is scary — because we want desperately to understand what’s happening. We want to know that everything will be okay. We want to know the bad guys have been caught. At