Why Online Learning Is Perfect for the Military Student

It’s no secret that the military lifestyle is different from the daily life of a civilian. No matter what branch of the service you are in, your schedule is likely anything but consistent. Your hours and even where you live change often, and getting your degree may seem difficult or even impossible. However, there is

The Military CEO Quiz

Thursday, 21 August 2014 by
The Military CEO Quiz

American business has a long and rich history with our military leaders. Former members of the armed forces have held leadership roles in some of the country’s most prominent companies. Businesses large and small pride themselves on hiring veterans, for every position from executives to entry-level workers. This quiz will test your knowledge on which

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Best Degrees for Military Officers

Tuesday, 03 June 2014 by

Military officers who are seeking a seamless transition into civilian life after their military service or who are looking for new career opportunities within the military should consider an advanced college degree to maximize career options. All degree programs offered at TUW are fully online, giving you complete control over your course of study. Military

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Military service members—both active duty and veterans—have served our country with honor and have often postponed their education for military service. When higher education becomes the goal for these service members returning to civilian status, it is important that institutions cooperate with the unpredictable schedules and financial needs of these prospective students and assist in

Top 10 Military Friendly Employers

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 by
Top 10 Military Friendly Employers

As part of our commitment to support our military students, we want to give you the resources you need to get hired after graduation by a company that recognizes and values your military service. We’ve profiled the top 10 military friendly employers so you know what some of your employment options are after completing an online degree with TUW.

There are many reasons why TUW is a military friendly school – such as discounted tuition for military students and their family, fully online degree programs without costly textbook requirements, easy transfers of military experience and training as school credit, full participation in the GI Bill, and more. Read about the many ways we can make your time as a military student a success in our latest post that details the benefits of an education with Touro University Worldwide.

College degree provides credential for career fast-track Life after the military can be an adjustment for veterans. After many years in the service, you will enter a new force – the workforce, and, for some military veterans, this is unchartered territory. While military experience and the skills gained during your time in the service can

Understanding the GI Bill®

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 by

You’ve served your country proudly and with honor as a member of the United States military. Now is the time to serve yourself by setting up a secure future. A college education provides you with access to new career opportunities with greater job security and higher earning potential. And, your military experience coupled with a

What Does the GI Bill® Cover?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 by

Touro University Worldwide supports military personnel with financial aid, benefits Transitioning into civilian life after the military can be made easier with the pursuit of a college degree. And, while higher education can be costly, federal benefits for military students, like the GI Bill, help to limit, and in some cases eliminate, the cost of

On Friday, May 10, 2013, individuals across the United States will be celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Touro University Worldwide is no exception. President Ronald Reagan began this official celebration of military spouses in 1984. Falling every year on the Friday before Mother’s Day, Americans acknowledge the sacrifice of those left behind and responsible