What is the Difference Between a Doctor of Management and a Ph.D?

The business world is rapidly evolving. Driven by innovative technology, cultural diversity, and a global mindset, business needs leaders who are armed with the latest theories and methods for applying them to real-world challenges. Smart executives are aware of this. Knowledge may have always been power, but that has never been truer than it is

What are Industrial and Organizational Psychologists?

Industrial and organizational psychologists focus their work on the behavior of individuals and groups within a larger organization. They use the knowledge gained from their research to develop solutions for challenges in the workplace. To create more successful and effective organizations, a better understanding of how people relate to one another is paramount, including how

The Advantages of an MBA in Healthcare Administration

An MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration prepares graduates for a successful career in the lucrative healthcare field.

How A Specialized MBA Program Better Prepares Graduates for a Successful Career

A specialized MBA program better prepares graduates for a successful business career, giving them a leg up on the competition in the job pool.

The Expanding Role of an HR Manager in Modern Business

What does it take to earn a great salary as an HR manager? Check out a master’s degree in human resource management and find out.

How Digital Marketing Has Changed a Marketing Manager’s Job

Marketing professionals with an MBA are more prepared for successful careers in the world of digital marketing for business.

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First-Generation University Adult Learners and the Choice of an Online Learning Model

Abstract Dr. Yoram Neumann — First-Generation University Adult Learners and the Choice of an Online Learning Model Access, success and affordability of higher education are main topics of discussion among policy makers. The most recent U.S. Department of Education data from fall 2014 indicated that 5.8 million students took at least one online course, with

TUW to Rename School of Health and Human Services in Honor of Dr. Edith Neumann

Touro University Worldwide (TUW) will rename its School of Health and Human Services after Dr. Edith Neumann, who passed on February 17, 2018.

She Taught Me the Meaning of ‘Feminine Empowerment’

Did Dr. Edith Neumann realize that she was importing those “soft” qualities once associated with “the feminine realm” to the techie world of online education?BY IRINA EREMIA-BRAGIN MARCH 12, 2018Dr. Edith Neumann (1947-2018)The week her death was announced, my Comp 102 students were debating “Snow White and The Wicked Queen,” a groundbreaking essay by Sandra