General Education Requirements

General Education coursework is applied toward all bachelor degree programs at TUW.

AreaCourse Number and TitleSemester Credit HoursRequired Credits
AREA ACommunication6-9 credits
COM 104 Speech3
ENG 130 English Composition and Reading3
ENG 202 Expository Writing3
AREA BCritical Thinking6 credits
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy3
LOG 102 Introduction to Logic3
STA 206 Introduction to Statistics3
AREA CMathematics3-6 credits
MAT 106 College Algebra3
MAT 108 Calculus I3
MAT 200 Calculus II3
AREA DPhysical & Biological Sciences3-12 credits
CHE 102 College Chemistry3
PHY 104 College Physics3
BIO 102 General Biology3
NUT 206 General Nutrition3
BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology w/ Lab I3
BIO 202 Anatomy & Physiology w/ Lab II3
MIC 206 Microbiology/Lab3
AREA EArts and Humanities3-6 credits
ETH 106 Introduction to Ethics3
ART 108 Art Appreciation3
REL 200 Religion3
ART 200 Digital Photography3
AREA FSocial Sciences9-12 credits
BUS 102 Business and Society3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology3
ECO 102 Microeconomics3
ECO 202 Macroeconomics3
HEA 229 Health & Society3
AREA GCultural Studies3-6 Credits
CUL 230 Culture and Society3
ANT 102 World Culture3
ANT 106 Culture and Health3
AREA HHistory3-6 credits
HIS 120 US History and Constitution3
HIS 130 History of Modern Western Civilization3
HIS 155 History of the Jewish People3
AREA IInformation Literacy3 credits
ILT 201The Internet and Information Literacy3
CIS 202 Introduction to Computers3