Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Although TUW is here to help and encourage you to complete your degree program, we understand that the personal and professional lives of adult learners can be complicated. If your time or resources require that you take a shorter path, you can earn a Certificate of Specialization from TUW by taking specific courses in one of the degree programs. Please contact Ellen K. Schwartz, Director of Student Affairs, at or (818) 575-6800 Ext. 85118 for the details about this option.

Students from international secondary institutions, colleges or universities are accepted based on standing of the secondary institution, university or college in their home country (approval by the country’s ministry of education). You must also have a proficiency in oral and written English, which can be proved in a variety of ways, including the TOEFL. Please note, TUW's TOEFL code is 3157.

Please see the International Students page for more information or contact an educational advisor for more information.

Yes, you may live anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and internet access to work on the TUW online learning platform.

Touro University Worldwide (TUW) is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

Yes, each TUW course is eight weeks long and has a designated start and end date.

Yes. A maximum number of transfer credits, dependent upon the program, are accepted from accredited educational institutions. Content from transferred courses must be substantially similar to course content of required courses in the TUW program you select. Please speak with your education advisor for more information.

To apply to the program, you need to complete an application form. TUW will accept unofficial transcripts to complete an unofficial credit transfer evaluation while waiting for official transcripts to arrive. Official transcripts must be sent to the registrar’s office of TUW directly from the issuing institution by the end of your first term of enrollment. Unsealed official transcripts received from the students will not be considered official. Failure to file complete and authentic documents may result in denial of admission or cancellation of academic credits.

Each program is designed to give you considerable control over the pace with which you complete your degree, therefore the amount of time it takes to complete a degree may vary with each person. We understand that demands at home or at work may change your schedule, so TUW has structured their programs to allow you the flexibility you need to adjust your course load from one academic term to another. Please refer to the individual program information guide for more information.

Coursework will be assessed by TUW’s faculty members and is consistent with current practice for all graduate students.

Details about TUW degree programs, your class options and program requirements are easily accessible on this website. Look at the various programs and their concentration options or call (888) 586-5193 to request a consultation with a program advisor who can help you identify the best program that aligns with your goals. The program advisor will then guide you to the courses that you should take to earn your degree.

Knowledge gained through TUW programs will give you confidence and opportunities to excel in whatever your chosen field may be. These TUW degree programs are carefully designed to benefit those wanting to improve their professional standing for their positions or who will be in any productive position in the workforce. You will gain the value of a solid professional education that will develop your expertise in your chosen field and foster achievement.